Experience a journey back to the heart of Mexican tradition with a culinary tale that began in the bustling neighborhoods of Guadalajara.

Guided by his mother's culinary wisdom, Gerardo Hernandez honed his skills crafting dishes that quickly became the talk of the town.

"Life's recipe? A sprinkle of turning points, a dash of unexpected twists, and a hearty serving of family, food, and shared passion.– Gerardo Hernandez –

From those cherished memories, a dream took root, leading Gerardo and his family to California

The Sonoma Index-Tribute (Tuesday, September 18, 1990)

After honing his craft in San Francisco, Gerardo, along with his brothers Alajandro and Elias, along with Jose Luis Valle, proudly present Taqueria Los Primos in Boyes Hot Springs.

Our passion for authenticity and the freshest ingredients brings a taste of our homeland to every plate, each bite echoing the flavors that his mother lovingly imparted.

Open seven days a week, from sunrise to sunset, we invite you to savor the genuine essence of Mexican cuisine in every dish, a culinary legacy brought to life by Gerardo and his dedicated team. Welcome to Taqueria Los Primos – where Momma's recipes become unforgettable feasts.